Quality Requirements

REV 1 DATE:9/2011


The applicable quality requirements described below forms part of the requirement of this Purchase Order.

QA1) All products ordered under this P.O. should meet the applicable drawings, specifications, standards and purchase order requirements. Supplier shall subject all products to inspection and test to ensure product meets the entire above requirement.

QA2) The supplier shall as a minimum maintain a quality management system certified to applicable ISO 9000 series and/or AS9000 series quality standards or maintain a quality management system which complies with industry standards and specifications which is appropriate to the type of product.

QA3) Supplier shall ensure that all personnel assigned to perform the services required for the product(s) ordered on this P.O. are capable, skilled, qualified and competent.

QA4) If any nonconformance is found after shipment of the product, supplier shall notify ROZAK ENGINEERING immediately within 24 hours.

QA5) No known nonconforming product shall be supplied to ROZAK ENGINEERING without written authorization from ROZAK ENGINEERING Quality Department.

QA6) Supplier shall notify ROZAK ENGINEERING any changes in product and/or process definition and obtain prior approval before shipping the product.

QA7) ROZAK ENGINEERING shall have the right of entry to its supplier & their sub-tier facilities involved in this order and to verify all applicable documents. The same right is extended to its customers and the regulatory agency representative.

QA8) Supplier shall flow down to sub-tier suppliers the applicable requirements in the purchasing document. Including key characteristics where required.

QA9) Supplier shall ensure tools and equipment used for final acceptance of the product are calibrated to NIST standard.

QA10) Supplier shall retain quality records for minimum of 7 years. Records shall be made available to ROZAK ENGINEERING or its customers for review upon request.

QA11) Supplier shall ensure that the Foreign Object Debris/Damage (FOD) if any, is removed before the shipment wherever applicable will flow down this requirement to its sub-tier suppliers.


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